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HKCC and SPEED Welcome New Students for Academic Year 2014/15 with a Highly Integrated “2+2” Articulation Pathway



(Front row, from right) PolyU President Prof.
Timothy Tong, CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen,
Associate Dean (Quality Assurance) Prof.
Peter Walters, Associate Dean
(Development) and HKCC Director Dr
Simon Leung, SPEED Director Dr Jack Lo,
HKCC Students' Union President Mr
Tse Ka-tsun and other senior academics
officiate at the welcome ceremonies.

PolyU President and CPCE Council Chairman, Prof. Timothy W. Tong

PolyU President and CPCE Council
Chairman, Prof. Timothy W. Tong, addresses
the welcome ceremonies

CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen

Addressing the welcome ceremonies, CPCE
Dean Prof. Peter Yuen introduces to
freshmen CPCE’s flexible “2+2” articulation

HKCC and SPEED welcome around 5,300 new students

HKCC and SPEED welcome around 5,300
new full-time associate degree, higher
diploma and top-up bachelor’s degree

On 1 September 2014, College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE), an affiliate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), welcomed around 5,300 new full-time students joining its two educational units, Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) and School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED).

Officiating at the ceremonies, Prof. Timothy W. Tong, PolyU President and CPCE Council Chairman, remarked that CPCE offers highly integrated academic and professional programmes for learners to pursue higher academic qualifications. He was pleased that the wide spectrum of self-financed sub-degree and top-up degree programmes offered through HKCC and SPEED respectively “serve to offer youngsters an alternative pathway to pursue university education”.

CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen shared with the freshmen the latest development of CPCE’s articulation pathways. “CPCE provides a flexible ‘2+2’ articulation pathway. For HKCC students, after they have completed the 2-year Associate Degree (AD) or Higher Diploma (HD) programmes, they may articulate to SPEED to earn a PolyU-accredited honours degree in 2 years. The close collaboration between HKCC and SPEED creates a multitude of progression opportunities for secondary school leavers and sub-degree graduates,” he said.

Director of SPEED Dr Jack Lo said, “SPEED has been vigorously expanding its top-up degree programme portfolio to provide HKCC and other sub-degree graduates with more quality articulation pathways. In this academic year, BSc (Hons) Scheme in Applied Sciences and BBA (Hons) in Accountancy, which lead to PolyU-SPEED awards, are receiving their first cohort of students. In addition, we introduce, as from 2014/15, 2 PolyU award programmes in collaboration with PolyU Faculties/ Departments, BA (Hons) in Bilingual Studies and BA (Hons) in English for Business and Professional Communication.”

Dr Lo highlighted another milestone of SPEED as it steps into the 15th anniversary in 2014, “With the blessing of PolyU Senate, our full range of top-up degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED awards have been upgraded to honours degree level.” SPEED’s current programme portfolio includes 22 top-up honours degree programmes leading to PolyU or PolyU-SPEED awards. More programmes in the fashion and textile studies, engineering as well as statistics and computing disciplines are planned to be offered as from 2015/16.

For HKCC, it offers 31 AD and 4 HD programmes spanning the domains of arts, science, social sciences, business and the specialised areas of design and health studies. Most of the programmes are offered through a scheme structure which gives students the flexibility to choose the programmes that best suit their abilities and career aspirations.

Dr Simon Leung, Associate Dean (Development) of CPCE and Director of HKCC, said, “Since the first cohort of graduates in 2003, more than 13,700 HKCC graduates have articulated into bachelor’s degree programmes. This represents an 11-year average articulation rate of 78.1%. In 2013, the articulation rate of HKCC reached 79.2%, and more than one third of articulated graduates were admitted to UGC-funded programmes. These impressive articulation figures bear testimony to our students’ abilities.”

“I am confident that with students’ efforts and our dedicated support, HKCC students can attain their goals of pursuing bachelor’s degree studies. We always endeavour to enhance the articulation prospects for our students. In particular, under the CPCE ‘2+2’ articulation model, SPEED is offering quality top-up honours degree programmes that closely match the needs of HKCC graduates who have studied AD or HD programmes in related disciplines,” added Dr Leung.

Since 2003, a total of 5,097 and 2,460 HKCC graduates have been admitted to PolyU and SPEED respectively. In addition to the provision of a “2+2” articulation pathway, SPEED issues a Conditional Offer to HKCC Year-1 students, who upon completion of their study at HKCC and meeting the stipulated conditions, may articulate to a PolyU-SPEED award top-up degree programme.

Established under the auspices of PolyU in 2002, CPCE oversees the day-to-day operations of two self-financed educational units of HKCC and SPEED. HKCC is dedicated to the provision of quality sub-degree programmes leading to PolyU-HKCC awards. As for SPEED, apart from the top-up honours degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED and PolyU awards, the School collaborates with renowned overseas institutions namely University of London International Programmes and Northumbria University (UNN) to offer preparatory programmes and programmes leading to their awards in Hong Kong respectively.



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