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	 Sustainable Health and Long-term Care Solutions for an Aging Population (2017)

Personal Taxation Planning in Hong Kong (2018)

Authored by: Dr Annie Ko (SPEED)
作者:高衍璋博士 (SPEED)

This book is a practical and easy-to-understand tertiary level textbook. It covers property tax, salaries tax (individual assessment and joint assessment) and stamp duty for property transactions.


	 Sustainable Health and Long-term Care Solutions for an Aging Population (2017)

儿童急症疾病及意外家庭应急手册 (2018)

Co-authored by: Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung Shing, Dr Ben Fong (SPEED)
作者:赵长成医生、方玉辉医生 (SPEED)

This book advises readers on the ways to deal with situations where children suffer from acute diseases, common diseases, injuries or accidents.  Step-by-step guidance is provided on the handling of over 50 conditions such as fever, diarrhea, chickenpox, asthma, electric shock and drowning.


3G 圓滿人生退休後的幸福

3G圆满人生2:退休后的幸福 (2018)

Co-edited by: Mrs Yvonne Siu Sun Yuk-bui, BBS, Dr Ben Fong (SPEED)
编辑:萧孙郁标女士 BBS、方玉辉医生 (SPEED)

This book is complied with the materials from the 3G Quality Retirement programme of Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care (SPHC).  It guides readers in developing a positive attitude towards ageing-related issues such as body, mind, social life and spirit.  Focusing on 3G (Do Good, Feel Good, Look Good), the book encourages readers to understand, accept and get prepared for ageing.

本书由善宁会的「3G圆满人生辅工课程」内容辑录而成,在身、心、社、灵等老年问题上提供正向知识,并以3G(Do Good, Feel Good, Look Good)为理念,引导读者学习认识、接受及迎接耆年。

An empirical study of shipping networks (2018)

An Empirical Study of Shipping Networks (2018)

Authored by: Mr Joseph Lau (HKCC)
作者:刘锐业先生 (HKCC)

This book provides useful recommendations for the liner shipping companies to design shipping strategies in the fast-changing maritime industry.  Besides, it gives an overview of the key changes of liner shipping networks since 1960s.


	 Sustainable Health and Long-term Care Solutions for an Aging Population (2017)

Sustainable Health and Long-term Care Solutions for an Aging Population (2017)

Co-edited by: Dr Ben Fong (SPEED)Dr Artie Ng (SPEED),
Prof. Peter Yuen (CPCE)
编辑:方玉辉医生 (SPEED)吴伟昌博士 (SPEED)阮博文教授 (CPCE)

This book provides a pivotal reference source featuring the latest scholarly research on issues pertinent to health cost and financing for elderly healthcare.  Covering a number of topics such as provider accreditation, corporate social responsibility, and data management, this book facilitates research work on innovative planning and development of healthcare.


Sr Dr Joseph Chan

Target Cost Contracting Strategy in Construction – Principles, Practices and Case Studies (2017)

Co-authored by: Cr Dr Daniel Chan, Sr Dr Joseph Chan (SPEED)
作者:陈炜明博士营造师、陈庆麟博士测量师 (SPEED)

This book presents the underlying principles and practicalities of applying the target cost contracting strategy, along with a series of short case studies.  Since the book draws on a combination of research outcomes from academia and practical case studies in the industry, both tertiary students and industry practitioners will find the book informative and useful.





Management Wisdom of Zhongyong, Annotations to Daxue and Zhongyong, and Governance Wisdom of Daxue
中庸今注今译》及《〈大学〉的管治智慧》(2015 – 2017)

Authored by: Dr Vincent Law (SPEED)
作者:罗天升博士 (SPEED)

Governance Wisdom of Daxue explores the system of thoughts of Daxue, whereas Management Wisdom of Zhongyong researches into the core concepts of the doctrine of Zhongyong.  The two books introduce to readers how to apply Confucian philosophy to the contemporary society.  Annotations to Daxue and Zhongyong provides a full account of two ancient literature Daxue and Zhongyong, aiming at promoting Confucian thought to the general public.


Calculus Done Right Calculus Done Right (2016)

Co-authored by: Dr Lo Ching-on (HKCC)Dr Ricky Mak (HKCC)
作者:卢静安博士 (HKCC)棨朗博士 (HKCC)

This book was specially written for students who wish to reinforce their understanding of the concepts of calculus and to get acquainted with the associated techniques.  It also provides a handy source of worked examples and problems for teachers.  Apart from a rich collection of exercises of progressing difficulty, each chapter includes revision notes with key definitions and theorems, with highlights on common mistakes and misconceptions of students.


Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management

Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management
酒店及旅游业财务管理 (2016)

Co-authored by: Dr Ken Peng (SPEED), Dr Henry Tsai
作者:彭康麟博士 (SPEED)、蔡铭志博士

This book uses financial cases in the hospitality and tourism industries to analyse the economic environment and explore how financial management can create value for a company.


Labor and Class Identities in Hong Kong (2016)

Labor and Class Identities in Hong Kong (2016)

Authored by: Dr John Lee (HKCC)
作者:李峻嵘博士 (HKCC)

This book aims to give an updated understanding of class inequality in Hong Kong, and explore the two sociological theories of Individualisation and Reflexive Modernisation.  The author conducted more than 50 in-depth interviews and demonstrated how the impact of classes can be found in the interviewees’ education and work experience, as well as political attitudes.


Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students: The Study of Language Arts in Four Major Plays (2016) Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students: The Study of Language Arts in Four Major Plays (2016)

Co-authored by: Ms Miriam Lau (HKCC), Dr Anna Tso
作者:刘亮之女士 (HKCC)、曹颖宝博士

This book introduces the plots, characters, and language arts employed by Shakespeare’s major plays.  It includes 40 innovative lesson plans with worksheets, games and student-oriented activities that help ESL learners achieve higher levels of English proficiency and cultural sensitivity. 


Corporate Finance (2015) Corporate Finance (2015)

Co-authored by: Dr Helen Wong (HKCC), Prof. Stephen Ross,
Prof. Randolph Westerfield and other scholars
作者:黄舜敏博士 (HKCC)、Stephen Ross教授、Randolph Westerfield 教授及其他学者

The book emphasises modern fundamentals of the theory of finance and makes the theory come to life with contemporary examples.  The book has been adopted as a textbook for students at the undergraduate and MBA levels among education institutions in Hong Kong.


CSR Orientation and Employer Attractiveness (2015) CSR Orientation and Employer Attractiveness (2015)

Authored by: Dr Mike Kan (SPEED)
作者:简庆基博士 (SPEED)

This book presents Dr Kan’s findings of a study that investigated the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Orientation of undergraduate students in their senior years and employer attractiveness in Hong Kong’s labour market.  The outcomes of the research are informative for both human resources management theories and practices in organisations where there is a debate over whether, and how, they should pursue a CSR agenda.

简博士向高年级学士学位课程学生进行了一项调查,以探讨求职者的企业责任 (CSR) 取向与企业吸引程度的关系,并把研究结果辑录成书。由於企业在应否及如何履行CSR的问题上一直存在争议,简博士的研究结果为人力资源管理理论以及企业常规惯例方面,提供了宝贵的参考资讯。

足球王國 – 戰後初期的香港足球 足球王国战后初期的香港足球 (2015)

Authored by: Dr John Lee (HKCC)
作者:李峻嵘博士 (HKCC)

This book analyses the development of Hong Kong football from the 1950s to 1970s by taking into account the political factors in the Cold War period.  It also explores the interplay between national identity and local identity manifested through football in Hong Kong.


PBE Paper II Management Accounting and Finance (2013) PBE Paper II Management Accounting and Finance (2013)

Co-authored by: Dr Pauline Ho (HKCC), Prof. Joseph Yau
作者:何凯燕博士 (HKCC)、游绍永教授

The book is specially written as the official study text to prepare candidates for Paper II of the Professional Bridging Examination (PBE) administered by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA).  The PBE aims to enhance the competency level of accredited accounting technicians to degree equivalent level, helping them meet the entry requirement for CPA qualification programme.


劏房圍城:被遺忘的香港故事 (2013) 劏房围城:被遗忘的香港故事 (2013)

Authored by: Dr Alex Chan (SPEED)
作者:陈和顺博士 (SPEED)

Through Dr Chan’s interviews with the residents affected by the collapse of the tenement building on Ma Tau Wai Road in January 2010, this book aims to draw readers to the social issues of Hong Kong and contribute to the efforts for the improvement of our community.