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The Constitution

The Constitution is the fundamental and supreme law of the country
  1. The Constitution
  2. The Constitution – RTHK
  3. Video about the Constitution

The Basic Law

The Basic Law is the constitutional document of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China
  1. The Basic Law
  2. The Basic Law – RTHK
  3. Video about the Basic Law

The National Security Law

The "Hong Kong National Security Law" has been implemented in Hong Kong since 23:00 on 30 June 2020
  1. The National Security Law
  2. The National Security Law – RTHK
  3. Video about the National Security Law

Offences of the National Security Law

  • Secession
  • Subversion
  • Terrorist Activities
  • Collusion with a Foreign Country or with External Elements to Endanger National Security
  1. Secession - Video from RTHK
  2. Subversion - Video from RTHK
  3. Terrorist Activities - Video from RHTK
  4. Collusion with a Foreign Country or with External Elements to Endanger National Security - Video from RTHK

National Security Law Case News

HK News from 2021 to 2022

  1. 8 Types of the Offences - News in June 2021
  2. The 1st Case of the National Security Law - News in July 2021
  3. Now News - The 1st Case of the National Security Law in July 2021
  4. Now News - Hong Kong Police Force: National Security Department investigates the City University Student Union’s alleged violation of the National Security Law in February 2022
  5. Now News - Hong Kong Police Force: More than 160 people have been arrested for endangering National Security since the National Security Law has been effected on 30 June 2020 - News in February 2022
  6. 4 Hong Kong Government workers arrested by National Security Police - News in August 2022
  7. 29 of 47 Hong Kong opposition figures to plead guilty to subversion charges over the unofficial primary election - News in August 2022

  8. Six plead guilty to conspiring to incite subversion - News in August 2022
  9. Now News - Six people in Guangcheng case plead guilty to conspiracy to incite subversion of state power - News in August 2022
  10. Now News - 6 ex-Apple Daily staff to admit collusion, Jimmy Lai to stand trial without jury after pleading not guilty - News in August 2022
  11. Hong Kong national security law: Jailed media tycoon Jimmy Lai loses legal bid to block police access to journalistic material seized from Apple Daily offices - News in August 2022
  12. Now News - 5 Hong Kong speech therapists behind controversial children’s books convicted on sedition charge - News in September 2022
  13. Two men were arrested by Nationa Security Department - News in September 2022
  14. Hong Kong men remanded in custody on sedition charges - News in September 2022
  15. Hong Kong protests: internet radio host ‘Giggs’ gets 32 months in jail for inciting revolt against Beijing, local government and laundering more than HK$10 million - News in October 2022
  16. Hong Kong national security law: 5 teens from the pro-independence group get up to 3 years’ detention for abetting ‘armed revolution’ - News in October 2022
  17. The government says, “Hong Kong’s national security legislation put on hold for further research" - News in October 2022 
  18. Former Hong Kong civil engineer gets 5 years in jail for rioting, stabbing policeman in protest against national security law - News in October 2022
  19. Hong Kong court to rule whether national security law provision sets minimum jail term for ‘serious’ offences - News in October 2022
  20. Tycoon Jimmy Lai loses Court of Appeal bid to block Hong Kong police inspection of his mobile phones over national security charges - News in October 2022

  21. Hong Kong national security law: 4 members of pro-independence group Student Politicism get up to 3 years’ jail, detention for urging ‘struggle’ against government - News in October 2022

  22. Hong Kong national security police arrest man suspected of being involved in terrorist plots to bomb infrastructure, courts and set alight Covid test centres - News in October 2022

  23. A pastor in Hong Kong has been jailed for a year for making “unfounded” allegations against the city’s judges and challenging a court officer overseeing a high-profile trial in breach of a colonial-era sedition law - News in October

  24. Hong Kong editors used Stand News to praise criminals and promote illegal ideologies, says prosecutor at sedition trial - News in November

  25. Stand News editors’ barrister accuses prosecution of ‘making a mockery of the law’ in Hong Kong’s first sedition case involving media - News in November

  26. Hong Kong’s national security police arrest man with suspected ties to pro-independence group over seditious messages posted online - News in November

  27. 3 Hong Kong men and teen sentenced for attack on lawyer during protest over national security law in 2020 - News in November

  28. Defence lawyer asks Hong Kong court to pull plug on sedition trial of 2 ex-chiefs of Stand News - News in November
  29. Hong Kong national security law: secretary of now-defunct legal fund for protesters arrested at airport while leaving city - News in November

  30. Hong Kong national security law: appeal court upholds move to allow top UK lawyer to join Jimmy Lai’s defence team in light of ‘clear’ public interest - News in November

  31. Hong Kong national security law: media tycoon Jimmy Lai asks court to terminate his collusion case, arguing denial of fair trial - News in November

  32. China’s top legislative body will have to ‘make adjustments’ to Hong Kong national security law if tycoon Jimmy Lai allowed foreign lawyer in trial, veteran politician warns - News in November

  33. Hong Kong leader asks Beijing to interpret national security law after top court rules UK barrister can defend Jimmy Lai - News in November

  34. Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai’s trial could be deferred by month or more while Beijing interprets national security law, analysts say - News in November

  35. Hong Kong national security law: Beijing may identify pool of lawyers to handle cases after leader requests interpretation of legislation - News in November

  36. Hong Kong student jailed for inciting secession loses appeal against 5-year sentence under national security law - News in November

  37. Former top Beijing official warns Hong Kong that tests ahead for national security law - News in December

  38. Asking Beijing for national security law interpretation ‘healthiest way’ for legal system to develop, senior Hong Kong official says - News in December

  39. National security law trial of Jimmy Lai set to begin in Hong Kong on Wednesday, even as Beijing ruling on foreign lawyers remains up in air - News in December

  40. National security law: Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai’s trial further adjourned to September 2023, pending possible Beijing legal review - News in December

National Security Law Case News

World News in 2022
  1. United Nation News in July 2022
  2. The Response of the HKSAR in July 2022
  3. The Response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China in July 2022
  4. United Nations News - Alarm by sentencing under national security law in October 2022
  5. Hong Kong Government expresses strong disapproval of remarks by a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights about a court case under National Security Law in October 2022