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The Constitution

The Constitution is the fundamental and supreme law of the country
  1. The Constitution
  2. The Constitution – RTHK

  3. Video about the Constitution

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The Hong Kong Basic Law

The Hong Kong Basic Law is the constitutional document of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region‚ China
  1. The Hong Kong Basic Law
  2. The Hong Kong Basic Law – RTHK

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The Hong Kong National Security Law

The Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (NSL) has been implemented in Hong Kong since 23:00 on 30 June 2020
  1. The Hong Kong National Security Law
  2. The Hong Kong National Security Law – RTHK

  3. Video about the Hong Kong National Security Law

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Offences of the National Security Law

  • Secession
  • Subversion
  • Terrorist Activities
  • Collusion with a Foreign Country or with External Elements to Endanger National Security
  1. Secession - Video from RTHK
  2. Subversion - Video from RTHK
  3. Terrorist Activities - Video from RHTK
  4. Collusion with a Foreign Country or with External Elements to Endanger National Security - Video from RTHK

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News on the Hong Kong National Security Law

HK News from 2021 to 2023

2021 - 2022 News Archives

  1. National security law: Hong Kong to pass legislative amendment ‘in months’ to ban British lawyer from Jimmy Lai trial, after Beijing ruling - News in January 2023

  2. Beijing’s interpretation of Hong Kong national security law likely to be a one-off, sources say - News in January 2023

  3. Woman, 22, arrested for setting up shrine at scene of 2021 ‘lone wolf’ knife attack on police officer - News in January 2023

  4. National security law: Hong Kong court allows retired Catholic leader Joseph Zen to attend funeral of Pope Benedict while under investigation for alleged collusion - News in January 2023

  5. Justice minister vows to defend Hong Kong’s legal system from any ‘escalated attacks’ by Western nations ahead of key national security court cases - News in January 2023

  6. Jailed tycoon Jimmy Lai’s Next Digital, publisher of Apple Daily, to be delisted from Hong Kong stock exchange next week - News in January 2023

  7. Hong Kong man jailed for 8 months over seditious social media posts praising national anthem blunder, promoting separatism - News in January 2023

  8. National security law: Hong Kong should impose blanket ban on foreign lawyers taking on cases, pro-Beijing heavyweight says - News in January 2023

  9. Hong Kong protests: 2 former top editors of now-closed Stand News have case to answer over allegedly seditious articles, judge rules - News in January 2023

  10. Now-defunct Stand News portal did not censor articles by bloggers even if ‘radical’ views on Hong Kong expressed, court hears - News in January 2023

  11. Beijing and Hong Kong hit back after UK asks city to stop ‘targeting’ media tycoon Jimmy Lai; Asia minister meets his legal team in London - News in January 2023

  12. Committee backs Hong Kong government bid to ban overseas counsel from national security cases - News in January 2023

  13. Ex-chief editor denies Stand News promoted ‘radical’ Hong Kong opposition views, court hears - News in January 2023

  14. Beijing hits back at Britain over report on Hong Kong, calls it ‘a piece of waste paper’ that should be ‘swept into dustbin of history’ - News in January 2023

  15. National security law: Jimmy Lai’s Hong Kong legal team distances itself from ‘international’ counterparts under fire from Beijing for meeting UK official - News in January 2023

  16. ‘Dare to fight and win’: Beijing’s national security chief in Hong Kong takes reins at liaison office, vows to help steer city toward prosperity - News in January 2023

  17. ‘A man who understands Hong Kong’: Beijing’s new liaison office head vows to bridge communication between city and central authorities - News in January 2023

  18. Hong Kong’s Article 23 security law to be passed ‘hopefully by this year’, city leader says, while revealing aim to also lift all Covid rules including mask mandate - News in January 2023

  19. Hong Kong protests: prosecutors seek to overturn acquittals of 13 defendants on rioting charges, including 9 who already left city - News in January 2023

  20. Hong Kong national security police arrest 6 for producing allegedly seditious books on 2019 protests, selling them at fair - News in January 2023

  21. Re-elected head of Hong Kong Bar Association argues ban on overseas lawyers in national security trials not in line with ‘administration of justice and rule of law’ - News in January 2023

  22. Letters | Dual mechanism of national security law exemplifies ‘one country, two systems’ - News in January 2023

  23. Legislation to block overseas lawyers from Hong Kong national security trials could be in force within 6 months, justice secretary says - News in January 2023

  24. China accuses US consul of ‘maliciously abusing Hong Kong’s national security law’ with comments on lawyer ruling - News in January 2023

  25. President of Hong Kong’s legislature slams UK parliamentary group for rescinding seminar invitation to Hong Kong politicians - News in January 2023

  26. Hong Kong schools pledge to stay alert, terminate contracts, vet speeches in safeguarding national security on campus - News in January 2023

  27. Hong Kong martial arts coach pleads guilty to inciting subversion for urging people to join ‘ghost-killer squad’ - News in February 2023

  28. Trial of 47 Hong Kong opposition figures: 2 decide to plead guilty to charges under national security law over 2020 unofficial primary poll - News in February 2023

  29. Hong Kong national security trial: prosecutors accuse 47 opposition figures of plotting to turn legislature into ‘lethal constitutional weapon’ against Beijing - News in February 2023

  30. Hong Kong’s stability and livelihood could have been ‘gravely affected’ by 2020 unofficial primary scheme, court hears - News in February 2023

  31. Hong Kong 47: suspected airgun attack on court where group faces subversion charges triggers huge police response - News in February 2023

  32. Founder and member of pro-independence group jailed for 5 years under Hong Kong’s national security law for inciting ‘armed revolution’ - News in February 2023

  33. Middle Eastern businessmen shrug off Western concerns over Hong Kong’s national security law, city’s deputy justice minister says - News in February 2023

  34. Hong Kong’s 47 in national security law case: defence barrister complains of trial’s ‘notoriety’, difficulty in securing expert witnesses - News in February 2023

  35. Hong Kong 47: opposition camp held unofficial primary to wield ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in Legco, organiser tells court - News in February 2023

  36. Hong Kong property developers dismiss investor confidence fears over national security law clauses in land sale documents - News in February 2023

  37. Hong Kong leader John Lee shrugs off concerns over slump in property stocks, says security clauses in land sales documents not an issue - News in February 2023

  38. Hong Kong leader John Lee doubles down on passing Article 23 national security law this year or next - News in February 2023

  39. Hong Kong 47: court told Hong Kong opposition split over how to choose best candidates in 2020 unofficial primary - News in February 2023

  40. Hong Kong protests: IT engineer gets 40 months’ jail for transport of more than 24kg of flammable chemicals in foiled 2021 bomb plot - News in February 2023

  41. Hong Kong courts will need chief executive’s permission to accept foreign lawyers for national security cases as part of legal changes triggered by Jimmy Lai’s trial - News in February 2023

  42. Little chance Jimmy Lai will get his overseas counsel choice for Hong Kong national security trial, pro-Beijing legal experts say - News in February 2023

  43. Hong Kong construction worker jailed for 26 months for inciting peers to make guns and possessing gunpowder materials - News in February 2023

  44. Beijing’s top diplomat in Hong Kong lays down ‘3 red lines’ for America’s local envoy, prompting defiant consulate response - News in February 2023

  45. Hong Kong martial arts instructor behind ‘ghost-killer squad’ sentenced to 5 years in jail for inciting subversion - News in February 2023

  46. ‘Threat’ of prison visitors instilling anti-government sentiment will be investigated, Hong Kong security chief says - News in February 2023

  47. China’s ‘two sessions’ 2023: Hong Kong delegates urged to take more active role in developing Greater Bay Area, countering Western accusations - News in March 2023

  48. Hong Kong ‘set to thrive’, Chinese premier says as he pledges Beijing’s support and points to Greater Bay Area opportunities - News in March 2023

  49. Top Beijing official tells Hong Kong’s John Lee to ‘nip’ national security risks in the bud, warns of ‘destructive forces’ in city - News in March 2023

  50. Hong Kong 47: some defendants ‘dragged’ into legal trouble over unofficial primary by ‘populist’ party leaders, court hears - News in March 2023

  51. Hong Kong 47: witness tells court 2020 opposition primary plan turned into ‘insane’ proposal for ‘mutual destruction’ - News in March 2023

  52. Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai’s son and London lawyers accused of abuse of UN after appeal to human rights council over collusion trial - News in March 2023

  53. Exclusive | Hong Kong Bar Association to go on ‘ice-breaking’ trip to Beijing after being frozen out for 5 years - News in March 2023

  54. China’s foreign ministry will ‘resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, safety and development interests’ in diplomatic work related to Hong Kong - News in March 2023

  55. Hong Kong national security law: proposed legal change giving city leader final say on role of foreign lawyers in cases won’t be retrospective - News in March 2023

  56. Beijing’s overhaul of its top Hong Kong affairs office will lead to more effective policy work, city leader John Lee says, insists ‘high degree of autonomy’ won’t be undermined - News in March 2023

  57. Foreign lawyers in national security cases still face Hong Kong’s immigration laws even if proposed vetting mechanism is not retrospective: deputy justice minister - News in March 2023

  58. Hong Kong protests: 3 jailed for up to 10 months in final chapter of seditious book trial - News in March 2023

  59. Hong Kong national security law: former opposition lawmaker Albert Ho ‘arrested on suspicion of perverting course of justice’ - News in March 2023

  60. Former opposition lawmaker Albert Ho remanded in custody after arrest by Hong Kong national security police on suspicion of perverting course of justice - News in March 2023

  61. Hong Kong 47: AbouThai founder cuts ties with ‘yellow economic circle’ as he vows to support city, nation - News in March 2023

  62. Hong Kong’s biggest lawyer group to voice concerns over national security law’s application during visit to mainland China next week - News in March 2023

  63. Hong Kong still has its edge as legal hub, says deputy justice minister Horace Cheung after visit to Europe, Thailand - News in March 2023

  64. Hong Kong 47: HK$150,000 reward offered for leads on suspected airgun attack on subversion trial court - News in March 2023

  65. University graduate gets 5 months’ jail in Hong Kong for seditious online comments magistrate likens to ‘setting a time bomb’ - News in March 2023

  66. National security police arrest woman over online posts allegedly advocating Hong Kong independence and provoking hatred towards authorities - News in March 2023

  67. Unofficial primary election organiser blamed for nurturing ‘radical’ activists in Hong Kong by former ally - News in March 2023

  68. National security law’s effects undercut Hong Kong freedoms, says US government report, citing arrests of Cardinal Zen and Jimmy Lai - News in April 2023

  69. Hong Kong national security law: Beijing slams ‘bully’ US over annual report to Congress - News in April 2023

  70. Hong Kong national security law: small number of people arrested or convicted in 3 years, justice chief says - News in April 2023

  71. Hong Kong to mark National Security Education Day with activities all over city, while children will be given picture books - News in April 2023

  72. National anthem blunder: Hong Kong sports sector lawmaker denies report of his exit from role in ice hockey body over latest song mix-up - News in April 2023

  73. Crowdfunding and national security: Hong Kong groups say government did not consult enough on proposal to tighten rules - News in April 2023

  74. Hong Kong national security law: city leader won’t offer explanation if foreign lawyers barred from trials, justice minister says - News in April 2023

  75. Hong Kong lawmaker questions ‘indirect’ ways used in government-funded drive to boost city’s alignment with mainland China and national security law knowledge - News in April 2023

  76. Ex-members of disbanded union apply to hold Labour Day rally in Hong Kong in test of political freedom - News in April 2023

  77. Human rights in Hong Kong must be preserved under city’s own national security law, Bar Association group tells top Beijing legal official - News in April 2023

  78. Jimmy Lai asks Hong Kong court to intervene after government rules allowing UK lawyer on defence team would likely undermine national security - News in April 2023

  79. Top Beijing official overseeing Hong Kong affairs urges city to use Communist Party theories to solve issues ahead of 6-day trip - News in April 2023

  80. Beijing’s top official for Hong Kong affairs signals ‘confidence’ in the city’s future prospects and highlights Lee administration’s work - News in April 2023

  81. Independent judiciary key to Hong Kong upholding status as finance, dispute resolution hubs, Bar Association tells Beijing officials - News in April 2023

  82. District councils to be purely advisory bodies formed by patriots, Beijing’s top official overseeing Hong Kong quoted as saying - News in April 2023

  83. Hong Kong students mark National Security Education Day with nunchuck martial arts performance - News in April 2023

  84. Hong Kong national security law: protesting not the only way to express views, Beijing’s top man on city affairs says as he urges residents to focus on economy - News in April 2023

  85. Protect Hong Kong’s internet, financial security or risk ‘battleground without gunfire’, city’s Paul Chan warns - News in April 2023

  86. Education fund requires Hong Kong schools to add termination clauses in contracts to guard against breach of national security law - News in April 2023

  87. Why did Beijing’s point man for Hong Kong zoom in on the economy? It’s a bid to de-emphasise political squabbles, analysts say, as Xia Baolong continues charm offensive during visit - News in April 2023

  88. Beijing’s point man on Hong Kong concerned about post-pandemic survival of SMEs, but upbeat on city’s economic future - News in April 2023

  89. Remain vigilant over national security risks, guard against ‘colour revolution’ violence, Hong Kong leader John Lee says after top Beijing official’s visit - News in April 2023

  90. 28 meetings in 6 days: what was Beijing’s point man’s visit to Hong Kong all about? Cool towards politics and hot on economy? Unpacking the Xia Baolong tour - News in April 2023

  91. Hong Kong prosecutors will be allowed to appeal against acquittals in some national security cases in Court of First Instance under proposed change - News in April 2023

  92. Former Hong Kong leader CY Leung accuses pro-Beijing lawmakers of lacking ‘fighting spirit’ to take on activists overseas - News in April 2023

  93. Hong Kong protests: ‘irresponsible’ to downplay safety risks of rallies, security chief Chris Tang warns after May 1 event organiser urges authorities not to exaggerate matter - News in April 2023

  94. Hong Kong rally requests should be carefully vetted to protect national security, freedoms, John Lee says ahead of planned Labour Day protest - News in April 2023

  95. Hong Kong’s Audit Commission demands city libraries step up efforts to root out books ‘manifestly contrary’ to national security - News in April 2023

  96. Hong Kong still faces underlying threats from ‘soft confrontations’, warns outgoing head of police’s National Security Department - News in April 2023

  97. Being patriotic requires ‘extra effort’ by Hongkongers who grew up in colonial era, city’s top Catholic cleric says - News in April 2023

  98. Hong Kong national security law: court to rule within month whether to review decision to block overseas lawyer from defending Jimmy Lai - News in April 2023

  99. Lawyers for Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai say tycoon denied fair trial, subject to persecution in bid to close national security case - News in May 2023

World News from 2022 to 2023
  1. United Nations News - UN Human Rights Committee issues findings on Hong Kong, Macao, Georgia, Ireland, Luxembourg and Uruguay - News in July 2022

  2. HKSAR Government strongly objects to unfair criticisms from UN Human Rights Committee - News in July 2022

  3. The Response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China - News in July 2022

  4. United Nations News - Alarm by sentencing under national security law - News in October 2022

  5. Hong Kong Government expresses strong disapproval of remarks by a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights about a court case under National Security Law - News in October 2022

  6. Britain slams erosion of freedoms in Hong Kong at UN Human Rights Council - News in February 2023

  7. Hong Kong Government rejects UK official's remarks - News in February 2023

  8. UN committee calls for review of Hong Kong’s controversial national security law - News in March 2023

  9. Hong Kong hits back at UN committee over ‘unfounded’ accusations national security law diluted city’s judicial independence - News in March 2023

  10. UN human rights chief urges China to address issues in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong - News in March 2023


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The 14th Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social
Development of the People's Republic of China

The 14th Five-Year Plan
  1. The 14th Five-Year Plan (English)
  2. 14th Five-Year Plan – Fostering High-Quality Development

  3. The HKSAR's Work in Complementing the National 14th Five-Year Plan


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The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic
of China

Policy Address
  1. The Chief Executive's 2022 Policy Address