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Message from the Head

helen wong


The Division of Business and Hospitality Management (BHM) is recognised for embracing and promoting sustainable business education.  We strive to develop our students into the next generation of ethical, competent and responsible managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs who will provide innovative solutions to business challenges, and cultivate a strong research culture relevant to the needs of academia, business and society.

We make every endeavour to meet the highest standards in business education and to attract the best students and teaching staff.  Boasting doctoral qualifications and extensive industry experience with recognised expertise in various fields of business, our teaching staff all share a high degree of enthusiasm for not only delivering contemporary and cutting-edge business management knowledge and practical skills to our students but also enhancing their critical thinking, analytical and communication skills as well as their ability to seize new opportunities in the ever-changing business world.  Moreover, to create new knowledge and develop business solutions, our teaching staff regularly publish research papers in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals. 

Beyond the classroom, our Division offers a broad range of student activities, internships and scholarships to support and encourage students to broaden their horizons in the real business world and to provide leadership development opportunities for students. Our global network of partnerships with universities and industries offers our students tremendous exposure while helping them become more adaptable and globally aware, thereby giving them access to business innovation and industry mentors and facilitating their further study or employability.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programmes, campus facilities, teaching staff and students.  We look forward to building a better business future together with you.

Dr Helen Wong
Division Head
Division of Business and Hospitality Management