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Primary Care Revisited : Interdisciplinary Perspectives for a New Era (2020)

Primary Care Revisited : Interdisciplinary Perspectives for a New Era (2020)

Co-edited by: Dr Ben Fong, Dr Vincent Law, Prof Albert Lee

Co-edited by Dr Ben Fong, Associate Division Head of SEHS, Dr Vincent Law, Senior Lecturer, and another scholar, this book provides practitioners and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge and delivery models of healthcare in community settings.

從救濟到融合──香港政府的「中國難民政策」(1945-1980) (2020)

Authored by: Dr Benny Wong

This book, authored by Dr Benny Wong, Lecturer, is adapted from his master thesis. It studies the “refugees” escaping from mainland China to Hong Kong between the end of the Japanese Occupation and the early 1980s and the Hong Kong government’s policy on these“refugees” so as to demonstrate various factors affecting the historical development of Hong Kong and the shaping process of Hong Kong people’s ethnic identity recognition.
廿一世紀初的香港故事 (2020)

青年「奴」工:廿一世紀初的香港故事 (2020)

Edited by:  Dr Lee Chun-wing

This book, edited by Dr Lee Chun-wing, Lecturer of the Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design, interviews Hong Kong young people working in different sectors to investigate their challenges. In recent years, the public has become more aware of different aspects of society. However, little attention has been paid to the working conditions of young people. The editor hopes this book could raise public awareness of this issue.
Good Health and Wellbeing- Re-Calibrating the SDG Agenda (2019)

SDG3 - Good Health and Wellbeing: Re-Calibrating the SDG Agenda (2019)

Co-authored by: Dr Stephanie W. Lee, Dr Tamara Savelyeva, Dr Hartley Banack

Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) supplements the 2030 UN Agenda by inspiring implementation concerning global health and wellbeing. This book, co-edited by Dr Stephanie Lee, Senior Lecturer and Associate Division Head of the Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design, together with two scholars, serves as a representative resource for readers wishing to further explore the scope of research, developments, and interventions relating to SDG3.
Egyptian Men and Women—Politically Incorrect Observations on the Middle East

Egyptian Men and Women—Politically Incorrect Observations on the Middle East (2019)

Authored by: Dr Alicia Lie

This book, authored by Dr Alicia Lie, Lecturer, chronicles the adventures of the author in Egypt in the first section, discusses social and religious issues in the second and third parts, and ends with a critique of cultural relativism in the last section.
Governance Wisdom of Daxue. Annotations to Daxue and Zhongyong...

Governance Wisdom of Daxue, Annotations to Daxue and Zhongyong, Management Wisdom of Zhongyong, and Annotations to Lunyu (2015-2019)

Authored by: Dr Vincent Law

Dr Vincent Law started to write the “Innovation from Ancient Thoughts Series” in 2015 which aims at applying ancient Chinese wisdom to the contemporary world. The Chinese book series include “Governance Wisdom of Daxue”, “Annotations to Daxue and Zhongyong”, “Management Wisdom of Zhongyong” and “Annotations to Lunyu”. For details, please click here.
Labor and Class Identities in Hong Kong (2016)

Labor and Class Identities in Hong Kong (2016)

Authored by: Dr Lee Chun-wing

This book aims to give an updated understanding of class inequality in Hong Kong, and explore the two sociological theories of Individualisation and Reflexive Modernisation.  The author conducted more than 50 in-depth interviews and demonstrated how the impact of classes can be found in the interviewees’ education and work experience, as well as political attitudes.
足球王國 – 戰後初期的香港足球 (2015)

足球王國 – 戰後初期的香港足球 (2015)

Authored by: Dr Lee Chun-wing

This book analyses the development of Hong Kong football from the 1950s to 1970s by taking into account the political factors in the Cold War period.  It also explores the interplay between national identity and local identity manifested through football in Hong Kong.

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2020 Dr Ben Fong,
Dr Vincent Law
Fong, B.Y.F., Wong, M.C.S., Law, V.T.S., Lo, M.F., Ng, T.K.C., Yee, H.H.L., Leung, T.C.H., Ho, P.W.T. (2020), “Relationships between Physical and Social Behavioural Changes and the Mental Status of Homebound Residents in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 6653.
Dr Ho, Ming-hon Robbie
Ho, R., & Au, W.T. (2020). Scale Development for Environmental Perception of Public Space. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 3172.
2018 Dr Lee Chun-wing Lee, C. W. (2018). PRC v. Hong Kong: politics and identity from the Cold War years to the twenty-first century. Soccer and Society, 19(5), 858-874.
2015 Mr Patrick Chan Chan, K. C. P. (2015). A Collaborative Design Curriculum for Reviving Sheet Metal Handicraft. International Journal of Art and Design Education, 34(3), 369-377.