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Campus Sustainability

Initiatives and Engagement

Go Green on Campus

Green Leader Programme (for students)

The Green Leader Programme is organised by a group of dedicated students with the mission of promoting environmental responsibility in the College and the community. Through participation in voluntary service projects such as food waste reduction and recycling activities, the green leaders hope to promote a low-carbon lifestyle among students, their friends and family members, and contribute to protection of the environment.

Green Officers (for staff)

One staff member from each CPCE unit/ office is nominated as the Green Officer. Regular training, gatherings, sharing sessions and visits are arranged for the Green Officers to enhance their awareness and knowledge in turning staff offices into a greener workplace.

Roles and Responsibilities of Green Officers:

  • To assist and give advice to Director/Head of Unit/ Office on the coordination and implementation of CPCE’s campus sustainability policies, where appropriate;
  • To disseminate campus sustainability information and advice to staff and students, where appropriate;
  • To participate in green office or related schemes, carry out performance check at unit or office level and prepare relevant summaries to the CPCE Campus Sustainability Committee; and
  • To liaise with the CPCE Campus Sustainability Committee on matters related to campus sustainability, where appropriate.

Please click here for the list of Green Officers.