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Frequently Asked Questions

About Photo-taking on Campuses:

Q1: I have lost my Student ID Card. Can I gain access onto the campuses for photo-taking? 
A1: At the PolyU Main Campus, you can approach the enquiry counter at the designated University entrance (i.e. next to Core P and with a footbridge connecting to MTR Hung Hom Station Exit A1) for assistance upon arrival. Upon verifying your identity and your completion of health declaration, campus access can be granted.

While at the PolyU Hung Hom Bay (HHB) Campus or PolyU West Kowloon (WK) Campus, you should also approach the enquiry counter for verifying your identity. Upon completion of the health declaration, campus access can be granted.
Q2: Do I have to register myself for access to different campuses (PolyU Main/ PolyU HHB/ PolyU WK Campus)?
A2: Graduates are not required to register themselves for campus access. Your student ID card will be re-activated for the period 16 April to 9 May 2021 and so you can tap your student ID card at campus entrances for access.
Q3: Can I invite the 5 visitors in total on different dates?
A3: Each graduate has a visitor quota of 5. The quota can be used on different dates, provided that the quota has not been filled. 
Q4: Can I register new visitors after my previous round of visitor registration if the quota of 5 has not been reached?  
A4: Yes. You can do so provided that the visitor quota of 5 has not been reached. 
Q5: I have cancelled my visitor registration due to the change of schedule. Can I register again immediately after my cancellation? 
A5: Yes. You can register again 4 hours after your cancellation. 
Q6: I have a family member who does not have his/her own mobile phone and/or email address (e.g. a young kid). Can I register for him/her? 
A6: Yes. You can register for him/her in this case with your mobile phone number and email address. Travel and health declaration are also required.
Q7: Do the QR codes for guests allow multiple entry into the PolyU Main Campus?
A7: The QR code for each guest is for single access to the PolyU Main Campus. If the guests left the campus, they will not be allowed access again.

The QR codes are not applicable at the PolyU HHB and PolyU WK Campus. Registered guests will be required to present their HKID cards at the enquiry counter for checking by the security staff. Registered guests will be granted single access to the PolyU HHB and PolyU WK Campus.
Q8: Do I have to enter the campus with the guests? If the guest arrived at different times, can they enter the campus separately?

At PolyU Main Campus, guests with valid QR codes can access the campus on their own.

At PolyU HHB/ PolyU WK Campus, registered guests must be accompanied by the graduates for campus access.
Q9: What are the opening hours during the campus access period for photo-taking?
A9: The PolyU Main Campus, PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus and PolyU West Kowloon Campus are open for photo-taking from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm during the access period.
Q10: Is parking available at different campuses during the access period?
A10: Parking is not available at all campuses.