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Head of IT 資訊科技總監

Jason Chan, JP

BA (1st Hons), MSc (City H.K.); MEduTech (UBC);
SCPM (Stanford);EdD (Bristol); MIET; MIEEE;
MHKCS; Mensan

Associate Head of IT 副資訊科技總監

Jackie Siu

HD, BA [PolyU(H.K.)]; MSc (H.K.); PRINCE2 Practitioner

Information Technology Manager 資訊科技經理

John Cheung

BA, PgDipEd, MPhil (C.U.H.K.); MSc [PolyU(H.K.)];
CCAI; ITIL 2011;PRINCE2 Practitioner

William Lo

BBA (Lingnan); MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; ITIL 2010;
PRINCE2 Practitioner

Kris Wong

HD [PolyU(H.K.)]; MSc (Strathclyde); MStat (H.K.);
GradStat (RSS); GradStat (HKSS); ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

Sam Wong

BSc (Lond.); Pgd [C.U.H.K.(C.U.S.C.S.)]; MBA (Adelaide);
MSc (City H.K.); ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Practitioner

Assistant Information Technology Manager 助理資訊科技經理

Ivan Lam

BSc IT [PolyU(H.K.)]; ITIL 2011; AgilePM 2010;
PRINCE2 Practitioner; PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

Paul Lo

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Senior Information Technology Officer 高級資訊科技主任

Keith Lee

Dip (IVE); BSc (OpenU H.K.); CCNP; MCP; ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

Agnes Ng

BSc, MSc (City H.K.); ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Information Technology Officer 資訊科技主任

Charles Cheung

BBA-MIS (H.K. Baptist U.); ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Anson Chow

BEng (City H.K.); PRINCE2 Foundation

West Chow

HD (IVE); BA (Coventry); MCTS; ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation;
Apple ACSP

Hugo Ip

BSc COMP-IS (H.K. Baptist U.); ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Brian Lee

HD (IVE); BSc (Open H.K.); MCTS; ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Thomas Leung

BSc (H.K. Baptist U.); MSc (Open H.K.); OCA; ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

William Ng

HD (IVE); BSc (Open H.K.); MSc (City H.K.); ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation; CCNP

Stephen Sze

Dip (VTC); HD [PolyU(H.K.)]; MSc (Warwick); MCSA; MCP;
ITIL 2013; Oracle OCA11g; PRINCE2 Foundation

Statistical Officer 統計主任

Ken Leung

BA (City H.K.); BSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; PRINCE2 Foundation

System Analyst 系統分析主任

Ray Yeung

BSc (VU); MSc (H.K.); SCJP

Assistant Administrative Officer 助理行政主任

Jenny Pang

Dip(IAM UK); AdvDip (IAM UK); MSc AIM (Napier); ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

Assistant Information Technology Officer 助理資訊科技主任

Vorus Au

BSc (Coventry)

Gary Cheng

Cert (VTC); BSc (VU); ITIL v3

Philip Fung

AD (CCCU); BA (Coventry); ITIL 2011; MCTS; PRINCE2 Foundation

Zenas Ip

BSc (Coventry); PRINCE2 Foundation; ITIL v3

Benny Leung

HD (IVE); BSc (Queen Mary); MCITP; ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

Johnny Ng

BSc (UNL); ITIL Foundation

Henry Tam

BSc (UCE); MCSE; ITIL v3; PRINCE2 Foundation

Kevin Tang

BEng (C.U.H.K.); PRINCE2 Foundation

Cheuk-lun Wong

AD (PolyU HKCC); BEng [PolyU(H.K.)]; ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

Hang Wong

BSc (C.U.H.K.); ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Johnny Wong

BSc (Open H.K.); CCNP; MCSE 2012; PRINCE2 Foundation

Martin Wong

HD (IVE); BSc (1st Hons), MSc (Dist.) [PolyU(H.K.)]; ITIL 2011;
PRINCE2 Foundation

Winnie Wong

AgilePM 2010; BEng (C.U.H.K.); AgilePM 2010;
PRINCE2 Practitioner; PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner

Andy Yu

CWNA; CWNP; MCP; CED IIS (CityU H.K.); HD [PolyU (H.K.)]; BSc Comp (Australia Victoria U)

Administrative Assistant I 行政助理

Vivian Cheung

BA (Wales)

Andy Lin


Information Technology Assistant I 資訊科技助理

Eagle Chan

HD (VTC); BComp (Open H.K.)

Queenie Chan

BEd (H.K.I.Ed.)

Yuki Cheng

ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Howen Cheung

HD (IVE); BSc (Open H.K.); ITIL v3; PRINCE2 Foundation

Chun-hing Fung

FD (IVE); ITIL 2011; PRINCE2 Foundation

Cyrus Koo

BEng (C.U.H.K.)

Henry Kwok

BSc (CityU.N.Y.)

Chris Tse

BBA (C.U.H.K.)


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