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Announcement of CPCE Dean’s List (Semester Two, 2020/21)

Let's extend our sincere congratulations to the students who have earned a place in the Dean's List of Semester Two, 2020/21! With the achievement of an exemplary Semester GPA, the outstanding academic performance of these students has set an example for their fellow classmates. 

To view the eligibility and selection criteria for inclusion in the Dean's List, please click here.

Please click the following to view the Dean's List arranged alphabetically by academic programmes:

School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED)

Programme: Code:
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied and Media Arts 8404984050
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Bilingual Studies 84054
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Bilingual Studies with Translation 84067-BST
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business 8403984040
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Finance) 84039-F
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Health Services Management) 84039-HS
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Human Resource Management) 84039-HR
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (International Business) 84039-IB
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convention and Event Management 84061-CEM
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Hospitality Management 84061-HPM
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Housing Management 84051
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language and Professional Communication 84067-LPC
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing and Digital Strategy 84055-MDS
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing and Public Relations 84055-MPR
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing Management 84055-MM
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Professional Communication 84052
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Travel Industry Management 84061-TIM
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Accountancy 84046
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering 84065 / 84066
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering 84062 / 84063
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Sciences (Health Studies) 84048-HS
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Sciences (Information Systems and Web Technologies) 84048-IW
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Sciences (Statistics and Data Science) 84048-SC
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Building Engineering and Management 84058
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Surveying 84059 / 84060
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) 84041 / 84041-UR
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology 84041-P
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Public Administration 84041-PA
Diploma in Active Ageing 84064


Hong Kong Community College (HKCC)

Programme: Code:
Associate in Applied Social Sciences 8C111-NS
Associate in Applied Social Sciences (Psychology) 8C111-PSY
Associate in Applied Social Sciences (Social Policy and Administration) 8C111-SPA
Associate in Applied Social Sciences (Sociology and Culture) 8C111-SC
Associate in Bilingual Communication 8C110-BC
Associate in Business 8C108-NS
Associate in Business (Accounting) 8C108-ACC
Associate in Business (Business Management) 8C108-BM
Associate in Business (Finance) 8C108-FIN
Associate in Business (Hospitality Management) 8C108-HM
Associate in Business (Human Resources Management) 8C108-HR
Associate in Business (International Business) 8C108-IB
Associate in Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) 8C108-LM
Associate in Business (Marketing) 8C108-MK
Associate in Business (Tourism Management) 8C108-TM
Associate in Chinese Language and Literature 8C110-CLL
Associate in Design (Advertising Design) 8C113-ADV
Associate in Design (Environment and Interior Design) 8C113-EI
Associate in Design (Visual Communication) 8C113-VC
Associate in Engineering 8C112-ENG
Associate in English for Professional Communication 8C110-EPC
Associate in Health Studies 8C106
Associate in Information Technology 8C112-IT
Associate in Language and Culture 8C110-LC
Associate in Public Relations and Communication 8C110-PR
Associate in Statistics and Data Science 8C112-SDS
Associate in Translation and Interpretation 8C110-TI
Associate of Arts 8C110-AA
Associate of Arts (China Studies) 8C110-AA2
Associate of Arts (Liberal Studies) 8C110-AA3
Associate of Science 8C112-AS
Higher Diploma in Aircraft Services Engineering 8C122
Higher Diploma in Event Management 8C121-EM
Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 8C118
Higher Diploma in Service Management 8C121-SVM
Higher Diploma in Social Work 8C123