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CPCE Professor Named Among World’s Top 2% Scientists


Prof. Chun-wah LEUNG, Professor, Associate Dean (Research) and Head of Research of CPCE, is being ranked among the world’s top 2% scientists by Stanford University in the list published in Elsevier BV, a leading publisher of academic journals, this year. This prestigious global list of top scientists is compiled annually by Stanford University through an analysis of the world’s most-cited scientists from a diversity of fields to arrive at the ranking.

This extraordinary feat is an international recognition for CPCE academic members; it also galvanises the institutional commitment, dedication and hard work in building up the momentum of research excellence.

“I feel honoured to be included among the world’s top 2% scientists. This is the fruit of the concerted efforts of our institution and research teammates over the years.  I hope my experience can set a good example for our institution and encourage our academic members to move with the times, so as to realise our mission of pursuing research excellence.” said Prof. Leung.

Prof. Leung thanked the CPCE top management and colleagues for supporting him in ways he needed the most to be able to give back selflessly to the institution and academia.  “CPCE will always strive to strengthen its research capacity in making more precise, innovative and breakthrough discoveries in research for the betterment of society. A strategic plan has been put in place to steer CPCE  towards a robust and vibrant research culture. Numerous research successes achieved by our academic members in recent years have boosted the institution’s reputation in the self-financing higher education sector.” 

The recent researches of Prof. Leung explore green energy, fuel and combustion, and advanced materials for use in the community.  He has also utilised his expertise to develop two Research Grants Council (RGC)-funded research centres for the institution: “Research Centre for Green Energy, Transport and Building (RCGETB)” and “Research Centre for Advanced Design, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (RCADMM)”.  Besides, he secured the RGC’s funding for four research projects in two years, making up HK$6.5 million under the Institutional Development Scheme Research Infrastructure Grant and the Faculty Development Scheme with a 100% success rate.

“CPCE will create opportunities for academic members to excel and to advance their knowledge through high-impact discoveries and technologies. I view this piece of good news not as personal glory but rather as a motivating force to encourage our academic members to emulate. I heartily wish our institution will have more esteemed academics recognised as the world’s top 2% scientists in the future.” shared Prof. Leung.