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2020-05-29 SPEED Marketing Scheme Symposium 2020 - Post Pandemic SPEEDy Market Adaptation for Survival and Sustainability
2020-05-26 SPEED The Special Issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management
2020-05-25 SPEED 海外留學生回港避疫
PolyU SPEED建議:與其等,不如及早在港完成學士學位
2020-04-24 SPEED PolyU SPEED introduces Innovation and Design Management part-time degree programme to nurture creative business problem solvers
2020-04-08 SPEED PolyU SPEED and Northumbria University Provide Articulation Pathway for MTRA Graduates
2020-04-06 HKCC Final Adjudication of POAD 360 Creative Campaign Competition 2019/20
2020-04-02 HKCC Visual Communication Students Win Awards in Green Sense Competition
2020-03-24 CPCE Suspension of Face-to-Face Activities
2020-03-16 HKCC Advertising Design Student Named 2nd Runner-up in Films Awards Poster Competition
2020-03-06 HKCC HKCC Students Organise Activities for the Elderly and Primary & Secondary Students
2020-01-24 SPEED Business and Applied Sciences Students Win Bronze Award in Finance Ambassador Programme
2020-01-24 SPEED PolyU SPEED and IPSHK Collaborate to Nurture Talents
2020-01-18 HKCC HKCC Business Students Awarded Certificate of Personal Finance Ambassadors
2020-01-17 HKCC HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2019/20 Holds Talk for Secondary Students
2020-01-14 HKCC 30 Business Students Join Exchange Tour to Vietnam