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CPCE Active Scholar Awards

Starting 2021, CPCE presents the Active Scholar Awards annually to recognise the outstanding contributions and commitment of  CPCE academic members who have actively published their research findings.  

The following academic staff members were honoured in 2021:

CPCE Active Scholar Awards in 2021


Research and scholarly interests

Feedback from awardees

Peggy Ng

Dr Peggy Mei-lan NG, BHM

Dr Peggy Ng’s research interest lies mainly in education and youth behaviour. In 2020, she got a grant from the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) administered by the Research Grants Council (RGC) with the research topic of children’s pro-environmental behaviour. Recently, Dr Ng has submitted a proposal about youths’ good citizenship behaviour. Her future research area will be focused more on children and youth as our future lies in our next generation. Their behaviour will directly impact our community and society. Over the years, Dr Ng has published papers in academic journals, such as Higher Education, Online Information Review, Journal of Marketing Management, International Journal of Leadership in Higher Education, Journal of Knowledge Management, Education + Training, Young Consumers, International Journal of Educational Management, Social Responsibility Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Education, and Asia Pacific Education Review.

From 2014 when I just graduated from my DBA study to 2021, I have published six Q1 and six Q2 journal papers. Receiving this award proves that I made the right decision to embark on my research journey. 

CPCE has fostered a rich research culture. In 2017, I joined the “Productive Scholar Scheme” with teaching remission that enabled me to spend more time on writing research proposals and papers. To strengthen academic staff’s research capability, various research seminars are also organised by academic divisions.

Dr Joseph Yui-yip LAU

Dr Joseph Yui-yip LAU, BHM

Dr Joseph Lau’s research and scholarly interests are: cruise, ferry, maritime transport, air transport, impacts of climate change, maritime education and training, transport history, sustainability issues, supply chain management, health logistics, and regional development.

I am gratified to receive the award. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the College and to all the people who have given me their endless support and encouragement along my research journey.  

I am delighted that our College strongly encourages our academic staff to form interdisciplinary research teams so as to enhance our research capability, skills, exposure, and knowledge as scholars.

Dr Hau-ling CHAN

Dr Hau-ling CHAN, BHM

Dr Hau-ling Chan’s research interests include sustainability operations, supply chain management, information systems management, and operations-marketing interface.

This award is great encouragement to me. The world keeps changing. Engaging in research is a way to acquire new knowledge, keep abreast of the latest business trends, and understand public and social issues. 

Two research areas that I would like to work on are corporate sustainability and technology. The former is an important goal of many enterprises and the latter plays an increasingly impactful role in our economy, society, and environment. 

Dr Angela Choi-fung TAM

Dr Angela Choi-fung TAM, LC

Dr Angela Tam’s scholarly interests lie in assessment for learning, exemplar-based dialogic feedback, bi-literacy and trilingual education, medium of instruction and policy, online teaching and learning, professional learning community, teacher development, distributed leadership and school-based curriculum.

I am delighted and proud to receive this award which recognises my research excellence. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to CPCE and the Division of Languages and Communication for providing a collegial, dynamic, pluralistic and supportive environment that inspires groundbreaking research. 

I will continue to make a concerted effort with my colleagues to conduct ongoing and new research projects such as students’ engagement in exemplar-based dialogic feedback.

Dr Nancy Songdan GUO

Dr Nancy Songdan GUO, LC

Dr Nancy Guo’s research interests include language education, discourse analysis, literacy development, language and communication and multisemiotic studies. She has also participated in various local and international research projects on language education and multisemiotic studies.

It is my great honour to receive this award. It encourages me to further excel in scholarly activities.

The teaching remission provided by the College enables me to spare more time and energy on my research projects and publications. The research seminars and talks organised by the Division of Languages and Communication have broadened our academic horizons and triggered our research ideas.

Dr Junot Shanjun LIANG, SEHS

Dr Junot Shanjun LIANG, SEHS

Dr Junot Liang’s research focuses on acoustic metamaterials and metasurfaces, to control the sound wave propagation with newly designed structures based on the analogy of theories from optics, quantum mechanics, and solid-state physics. The objective is to develop a new type of meta-sound-barriers that allows wind flow but can block the noise with a high efficiency. These sound barriers can help to improve the working and residential conditions.

I am most grateful to be recognised as an active scholar in the College. The award encourages me to further explore intriguing physics and engineering. 

As an acoustician, I would like to introduce cutting-edge innovations for practical use. That’s why I chose acoustic metamaterial as the main topic of my research. The sense of achievement is unique when your research work is recognised by peers in the field.

Dr Wilson Ka-shing LEUNG

Dr Wilson Ka-shing LEUNG, SEHS

Dr Wilson Leung’s research interests include e-commerce, social media marketing, and IT adoption and time banking. His research publications have appeared in Internet Research, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Vacation Marketing, and Australasian Marketing Journal, etc.

This award will always remind me of the hard work that I have put into my research projects and motivate me to achieve further success. 

A famous philosophical quote, “I think therefore I am”, prompted me to develop a strong interest in research. Getting my research papers published in international journals represents wide recognition of my work by academia.  

Looking ahead, I would like to explore new phenomena including blockchain technology and artificial intelligence applications as I believe they would make a significant contribution to future business development.

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Flora Zhang has intensive research experience in numerical modelling of complex thermal fluids, including flapping wings micro aerial vehicle and in-flight ice accretion on aircraft. Currently, Dr Zhang is focusing on urban ventilation, thermal comfort, air quality and green building technologies, aiming to meet the local demand and hopefully contribute to local industries in Hong Kong.

This award made me feel that my work and efforts in the past year were worthwhile.  

I love research, which is an exploratory journey full of variability and hope. In the process of research, I often acquire new knowledge, skills, and tools, which allow me to make continuous progress. Meanwhile, research has also exposed me to state-of-the-art technologies and concepts in the world so that I can share the latest information with my students. 

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Robbie Ming-hon HO, SSHD

Dr Robbie Ho mostly studies the psychology of art. Taking a psychological approach, he has studied the phenomenon of street performance (aka busking) by experimentally examining its effects on the perception of public space and developing psychometric tools that measure the street audience’s experience. Recently, Dr Ho has started collaborating with researchers outside Hong Kong on cross-cultural studies of the aesthetic experience of street art (e.g. graffiti). He is also interested in a unifying framework that would apply across art genres.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the College, the CPCE Research Committee, and the Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design for presenting me with such an honour.

Research work gives me opportunities to think, formulate arguments, design research, analyse data, present and discuss findings with peers and laymen, and write journal papers, all of which have facilitated my holistic academic development.

At present, my research is related to the phenomenon of street performance (aka busking). I am also interested in extending my research to explore static forms of street art such as graffiti.