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CPCE Active Scholar Awards

Starting 2021, CPCE presents the Active Scholar Awards annually to recognise the outstanding contributions and commitment of CPCE academic members who have actively published their research findings. 

The following academic staff members were honoured in 2022:

CPCE Active Scholar Awards in 2022


Research and scholarly interests

Feedback from awardees

Peggy Ng

Dr Bill XU, Assistant Programme Director and Senior Lecturer [BHM]

Dr Bill Xu’s research interests focus on hospitality and tourism management (such as destination management, theme park and cruise line management, and restaurant management), consumer experience and behaviour, and brand management, etc. Recently, Dr Xu published in top-tier academic journals with good impact factors (IF), such as Tourism Management (IF: 12.879), International Journal of Hospitality Management (IF: 10.427), Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (IF: 7.629), Tourism Management Perspectives (IF: 7.608), and Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research (IF: 4.074).

I feel much delighted and honoured to receive this award. This award truly reflects my continuous research endeavours, my research interests and commitment, and the support from the College, my co-authors, my colleagues, and my family members (particularly my wife Sophia, my kids Nicholas and Christina).   

Dr Joseph Yui-yip LAU

Dr Edmund WUT, Senior Lecturer [BHM]

Dr Edmund Wut’s research interests are corporate social responsibility, public relations, crisis management, sales management, blended learning, research methods and entrepreneurship. Most of his research topics are related to his teaching subjects.

I am happy to receive the CPCE Active Scholar Award.  I would like to thank the CPCE Research Committee, our College, and my Division of Business and Hospitality Management. I wouldn’t be able to get the award without their support. Conducting research gives me opportunities to cooperate with other scholars around the world and widens my academic horizons. 

Dr Angela Choi-fung TAM

Dr Joseph LAU, Lecturer [BHM]

Dr Joseph Lau has published more than 280 research papers in international journals and professional magazines, contributed 15 book chapters, 3 books and presented numerous papers at international conferences. He has collaborated with scholars from more than 20 countries and regions spreading over five continents on research projects. Dr Lau’s research and scholarly interests are: cruise, ferry, maritime transport, air transport, impacts of climate change, maritime education and training, transport history, sustainability issues, supply chain management, health logistics, human remains, and regional development.

I am delighted to receive the CPCE Active Scholar Award. The award has recognised my outstanding research performance in terms of output, quality, and impact. I would like to thank the College for providing me with unreserved support for building my interdisciplinary research team and extending my research networks across geographical continents. I would like to say, “Research is my part of life!”. New research areas that I would like to work on are public health, human remains, industry 4.0, the Arctic region, environmental impacts of transport, and animal management.

Dr Nancy Songdan GUO

Dr Angela TAM, Lecturer [LC]

Dr Angela Tam has engaged proactively in research and projects. Her research interests include language teaching and learning, bi-literacy and trilingual education, medium of instruction and policy, online teaching and learning, assessment for learning, exemplar-based dialogic feedback, professional learning community, teacher development, and distributed leadership.

I am delighted to receive the CPCE Active Scholar Award for two consecutive years. The award not only recognised my research excellence but also encouraged me to excel further in empirical studies. My sincere thanks go to CPCE and the Division of Languages and Communication for providing a collegial, dynamic, pluralistic and supportive environment that inspires groundbreaking research. This stimulating learning atmosphere is essential to developing my self-confidence, forward-looking attitude and reacting to changes with an open mind. I will continue to work with my colleagues to conduct ongoing and new research projects such as teacher and student feedback literacy, hybrid teaching and learning.

Dr Junot Shanjun LIANG, SEHS

Dr Winfred XUAN, Former Lecturer [LC]

Dr Winfred Xuan’s research interests include English and professional communication, healthcare communication, systemic functional linguistics, adolescent second language writing, discourse analysis, teaching Chinese as a second language, curriculum design and materials development, as well as research synthesis and meta-analysis in applied linguistics studies. 

This is a special and important recognition for my research over the past few years. I am exceedingly appreciative of the research environment provided by our College, which brings dedication, joy and honour to my career.

Dr Wilson Ka-shing LEUNG

Dr Fu-wing YU, Senior Lecturer [SEHS]

Dr Fu-wing Yu’s major research interests include HVAC&R system simulation and energy performance of buildings.

It is my great honour to receive this special award. The biggest honour goes to my fellow research partners since they have enabled me to get this far. Thank you!

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Wilson LEUNG, Lecturer [SEHS]

Dr Wilson Leung is inspired to embrace the pleasure of conducting study by the classic philosophical adage, "I think therefore I am." During the COVID-19 pandemic, some research questions have been raised in his mind like how technology helps the recovery of the tourism industry, how healthcare technology can help patients to obtain medical services when their mobility is limited. Therefore, his research areas are smart tourism, healthcare technology, elderly well-being, and blockchain technology, etc. His research publications have appeared in Computers in Human Behavior, Tourism Management, Internet Research, and Information Technology & People, among other journals. 

First of all, I would like to begin by expressing how pleased I am to be chosen for receiving the Active Scholar Award. Thanks to all my Division Head and research collaborators. This award will serve as a constant reminder of the effort I put into those research and it will always be dear to me. Furthermore, receiving this honour will only spur me on to make greater achievements in the future. I sincerely appreciate the College’s policies that encourage our colleagues to actively participate in research activities. Moreover, I am really impressed and appreciative of the College for providing adequate editing services, teaching relief, and an internal research fund to support our commitment to research. For the future research direction, I would like to explore new widespread phenomena, including blockchain technology and applications of artificial intelligence, as I believe it would be a tremendous contribution to future business development.

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Junot LIANG, Lecturer [SEHS]

Dr Junot Liang’s research focuses on Acoustic Metamaterials and metasurfaces, to control sound wave propagation with newly designed structures based on the analogy of theories from optics, quantum mechanics, and solid-state physics.

I am very honoured and thankful to be awarded as an active scholar. I am grateful to see our College’s development in practical and cutting-edge research areas including green energy, EV, UAV, green building, and transport. With this honour, I am also motivated to explore more great topics in acoustic metamaterials and physical acoustics.

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Wallace TSANG, Lecturer [SSHD]

Dr Wallace Tsang is interested in the research areas of domestic violence, couple relationship, parent-child relationship, mental health, social impact and social capital assessment, gender, men’s psychology, social work education, culture and power. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Division Head (Prof. Roger Chan), Associate Division Heads (Mr Andy Fong, Dr Stephanie Lee and Mr Hoi-wood Chang), for their full support in my research.  Special thanks to Dr Stephanie Lee for nominating me for this meaningful award. My salute to my research team for their great contribution to seeking funding and research implementation.

Dr Flora Hao ZHANG, SEHS

Dr Ying-ho KWONG, Lecturer [SSHD]

Dr Ying-ho Kwong’s research interests focus on political communication, contentious politics, e-governance and Hong Kong and Macao comparative studies.   It is a great honour for me to receive this award. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the College and the Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design for this recognition. I would also like to share the joy with my students. Thank you for your generous support and encouragement as I continue to learn and advance in my research field. 

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