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Mechanics and Control Laboratory

The Mechanics and Control Laboratory boasts modern equipment for materials testing and control experiments. The universal testing rig is capable of performing compression and tension stress and strength analysis, while the torsion test bed is used for torsion analysis. Both testing machines are installed with a real-time data acquisition system for displaying material status. The Laboratory also has a micro-injection moulding machine and a hot press machine suitable for small-batch manufacturing and investigation of plastic injection and formation.

The Laboratory also possesses an analog control system training set, which includes data-acquisition, a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller, and a servo motor. The training set is suitable for hands-on experiments in servo-motor speed and position control.

The Laboratory can support undergraduate experiments and research activities in materials, mechanics, manufacturing, and control systems.

Torsion testing bed Universal testing rig
Torsion testing bed Universal testing rig