CPCE is a teaching focused institution, and is committed to providing high quality self-financed programmes at tertiary level through offering good teaching and learning opportunities.

The  College Learning and Teaching Committee considers matters pertaining to learning and teaching development in CPCE.

The key elements of learning and teaching (LT) practice at HKCC and SPEED include:

  • Close attention to curricula design which is informed by advice and feedback from academic staff and departments at PolyU and elsewhere; comments and advice from the community, the government, employers and the CPCE Advisory Committee; intelligence on market needs and competitive practice; and external Academic Advisors
  • An emphasis on active learning and close attention to pedagogical developments and technology
  • Well-developed systems designed to collect student feedback on their programmes of study, along with active student consultation
  • Implementation of outcome-based education principles with the adoption of criterion-referenced student assessment principles
  • Recruitment of quality academic staff who possess master’s/ doctoral degrees and/ or professional qualifications, extensive support for short-term and long-term staff development, peer mentorship, and structured staff induction procedures
  • Adoption of PolyU quality assurance procedures in most areas including programme development, validation, and monitoring of unit and staff performance
  • A focus on all-round student development, with the provision of a wide array of academic and co-curricular activities in a supportive environment. These activities seek to nurture students’ creativity, active learning and critical thinking abilities as well as to enhance their self-confidence, a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility.