PolyU’s quality assurance (QA) policies and procedures are adopted at CPCE in nearly all areas including programme planningvalidation and management as well as the monitoring of learning and teaching performance.

External input is a crucial element of CPCE’s QA system. Channels for external input include:

  • CPCE Advisory Committee with external members from both academic and industrial sectors
  • Appointment of external Academic Advisors on a broad discipline basis
  • External examiners/ advisors for selected individual programmes
  • External members on programme validation panels
  • Accreditation by professional bodies, etc.

The key objectives of CPCE’s QA system include:

  • Recruitment of quality staff
  • Development of quality pedagogical methods and teaching materials
  • Continuous review of teaching and student performance as well as policies in areas such as admissions and assessment
  • Development of high quality academic programmes

All programmes leading to PolyU-HKCC and PolyU-SPEED awards follow the quality assurance principles and policies of PolyU. These programmes have to undergo stringent validation processes before final approval is given by the PolyU Senate for implementation. For programmes offered in collaboration with overseas universities/ institutions, their QA systems are being duly followed.

Moreover, HKCC and SPEED undertake annual programme reviews so as to maintain high academic standards and to ensure that the programmes best suit the learning needs and interests of students. Feedback is also obtained from various stakeholders, including students, employers and partner organisations, etc.