PolyU CPCE Annual Employability Forum 2023 Attracts over 100 Participants

The Annual Employability Forum 2023, with the theme of “Building a Greener Tomorrow: Green Innovation & Green Employment”, was hosted by the CPCE Employability Services Office (CESO) at W Hong Kong on 3 November 2023. The event attracted over 100 participants including employers, industry experts, PolyU CPCE staff and students to engage in meaningful discussions on green employment and innovation in various industries.
Former Secretary for the Environment, Prof. Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, shared his insight on green innovation and job opportunities in the era of climate change.

Besides, two captivating discussion sessions were led by Dr Phoebe Wong, Senior Lecturer of the Division of Business and Hospitality Management (BHM), and Dr Macy Wong, Head of Employability Services and Senior Lecturer of BHM respectively. 

The first session, titled "Flying Towards Sustainability: Green Initiatives for Corporate Advancement”, featured compelling presentations by Dr Jacob Wai, Founding Fellow of the Data Literacy Association, and Mr Johnson Lo, CEO of KOLB LIFE Limited. Their discussions revolved around the integral role of enterprises in sustainable development, the integration of green initiatives into operations, and strategies for achieving sustainability goals.

The second session, titled "Green Employment in the Digital Era: How Technology Impacts Sustainability Careers", brought together Dr Angus Yip, Founding Chairman of the International Chamber of Sustainable Development, and Mr Ronald Poon, IT Talent Development Manager of Cathay Pacific. This session delved into the influence of technology on careers in sustainability and highlighted how technological advancements contribute to the growth of the sustainable development profession.