Three Academic Staff Members Awarded KML Prize for Innovative Research
Staff Achievements

PolyU CPCE is pleased to announce the recipients of the Koo Meng Li and Koo Mi Wen Na Charitable Foundation Limited (KML Foundation) Research Prize 2023/24. The judging panel carefully reviewed the proposals and selected the following winners from the Division of Science, Engineering and Health Studies (SEHS) for their innovative and impactful research:



Funding awarded (HK$)

First Prize: Dr Zerance Ng, Associate Division Head of SEHS and Associate Head of Research

Development of Natural Stabilizer for Recycling of Post-used Thermoplastics




Second Prize: Dr Anand Vyas, Lecturer

Development of Sustainable and Environmentally-friendly Alternatives to Non-biodegradable and Petroleum-based Plastics Production



Third Prize: Dr Antony Lam, Lecturer

Investigation of Thermal Properties of Natural Fiber/Concrete Composites for Building Applications


We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners. We would also like to thank the KML Foundation again for their generous donation of HK$5 million to support innovative research in sustainable concepts and plastic alternative solutions at the SEHS (click here to see the details of the donation).

 (From left): Dr Antony Lam, Dr Zerance Ng, and Dr Anand Vyas become the first three winners of the KML Research Prize 2023/24.