Committee/ Panel

Student Discipline Committee (SDC)

  • Adjudicates and makes decisions on behalf of Dean(PCE) on cases concerning the conduct and discipline of students, including those cases related to academic misconduct, these decisions being final within CPCE.
  • Provides Units and Divisions with guidelines on how disciplinary cases should be dealt with.
  • Receives for record purposes student disciplinary decision made by Units.

Please click here for the Terms of Reference and Composition of the SDC.

Independent Panel of Inquiry (IPI) for Graduates

  • For academic misconduct which is related to research, the IPI will be appointed by Chairman of CPCE Research Committee or his/her delegate. For academic misconduct not related to research, the IPI will be appointed by Associate Dean (QA) or his/her delegate.
  • For the disciplinary procedures in handling substantiated misconduct cases involving graduates, the President of PolyU or his/her delegate may set up an ad hoc disciplinary committee to decide on the disciplinary action to be taken against the graduate (as the Student Discipline Committee (SDC) only deliberates on cases concerning students, the SDC cannot adjudicate on cases involving graduates). If it is decided by the ad hoc disciplinary committee that the award of qualification should be rescinded, the ad hoc committee should submit the recommendation to the President of PolyU [via Dean(PCE)] for onward submission to Senate for approval.