Examination Information

Examination Periods and Announcement of Assessment Results

Academic Year 2023/24

SemesterExamination PeriodAnnouncement of Assessment Results
Semester One9 to 30 December 202316 January 2024
Semester Two4 to 25 May 202412 June 2024
Summer Term7 to 13 August 202427 August 2024

Examination Periods

Examinations, if required, are normally held at the end of the semester/Summer Term. Please refer to the table above or the Academic Calendar on the website for the examination periods. 

The examination timetable will be posted on the my.HKCC and my.SPEED Student Portals. If you discover any examination which you should take is not included in the examination timetable, please contact the CPCE Academic Registry.

Assessment Results

You can check your assessment results from the my.HKCC and my.SPEED Student Portals upon the announcement of assessment results stated above.

Other Useful Information related to Assessments

Other useful information related to assessments can be found in the section on “Assessment” in the respective Student Handbooks on the website.