Registration Information

Enrolment for Current Students

You need to confirm enrolment on your programme on a semester basis. You will receive an email advising you to complete the enrolment procedures before the commencement of the following semester, and to settle the relevant tuition fee and other fees in June/July (for Semester One), in December (for Semester Two) and in the following May (for Summer Term).

To confirm your enrolment on a programme, normally you are only required to settle the fees and register for subjects for the semester concerned before the specified deadline. It is not necessary for you to come in person to confirm your enrolment unless the validity of your student identity card has expired. In such case, you will be invited to renew your student identity card.

Tuition Fee Payment Schedule for Current Students

Semester/ TermPayment Deadline
Semester One 2023/2410 August 2023 (for sub-degree programmes)
30 August 2023 (for degree programmes)
Semester Two 2023/2419 January 2024 (for sub-degree programmes)
17 January 2024 (for degree programmes)
Summer Term 2023/2417 May 2024 (for sub-degree programmes)
13 June 2024 (for degree programmes)


Subject Registration

You will be invited to register subjects in each semester. Registration of subjects will be performed via the Student Portal (“my.HKCC” for PolyU-HKCC award sub-degree programmes and “my.SPEED” for PolyU-SPEED award degree programmes). Subject Registration exercises in an academic year are normally scheduled as follows:     

Semester Onemid-March (prior to the start of the academic year)
Semester Twomid-October
Summer Termlate February

The class timetables will normally be released one week prior to the semester commencement.

Fee Adjustment after Add/Drop Period

If you have made any subject adjustment or been granted subject exemption/credit transfer during the add/drop period, you will be notified via email to settle the fees that remain outstanding about four to five weeks after the commencement of that semester. Any balance of the tuition fee will be refunded by autopay at the same time.

Consequences of Non-payment of Tuition Fee and Other Fees

If you fail to settle the fees by the payment deadline specified on the debit note, you will be considered as having decided not to continue your study at PolyU HKCC/PolyU SPEED and your registration status on the programme concerned will be removed accordingly. In such case, you will not be eligible for the refund of the caution money and shall not be considered for re-admission to the same programme in the following academic year.